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What This Means to You as a Consumer
MSA Course

The mission of the Master Saddlers Association™ (MSA) is to educate horse owners and riders about proper saddle-fit, to protect the well being of the horse, and to set professional standards for saddle-fitters. The MSA certification program consists of 2 - one week intensive classroom training sessions as well as hands-on instructions, separated by a mandatory six-month fieldwork program in their own state. During their fieldwork program, all candidates have full and unconditional access and contact to the MSA Instructors. Those candidates who successfully complete the first week of training demonstrate their competence and knowledge in the basic skills and go on to phase two, which is the six-month fieldwork program. The MSA ONLY awards Certification to those candidates who conclude the entire program and successfully complete the intensive final exams. In addition, MSA certified saddle-fitters continually undergo training and are required to follow a strict Code of Conduct that demands they serve the best interest of your horse and you as a consumer.

NOTE: It is important to emphasize the difference between the qualifications of a Certified Saddle Fitter and a Master Saddler or Saddler. A Master Saddler or Saddler, unless certified in saddle-fitting, may not know how to properly fit a saddle just as a Certified Saddle Fitter may not know how to construct and/or repair a saddle.

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